Colourama is a creative design and printing studio specialises in branding including logo, business card and letterhead design, advertising including poster, leaflet and brochure design, and other interactive solutions.



About us

Colourama Studio is a New Zealand owned company that specialises in printing and design. Our aim is to make your business better by supplying seamless management for our customer's print requirements. Our systems have been set up to deliver the highest quality to anywhere in New Zealand. We keep an open mind, we work hard for our clients, and most importantly, we listen to their needs and concerns. We provide our creativity with the tools you need to succeed. Our approach reflects best business practices on quality management and improved performance of the organisation. Colourama Studio has strong working relationships with clients and interacts with other design vendors. Our reputation for quality reproduction and reliable delivery, as well as the expert support we are able to provide, make it easier for designers to unleash their creativity. The close working relationships also ensure greater control, convenience, and confidentiality for our clients.


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